Pressure Area Care Essay

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The skin is the largest organ of the body and it acts as a waterproof protector for all of the internal organs, it is comprised of several layers including the Epidermis which is the outer layer and is a protective multi-layered self renewing structure which varies in thickness depending on which part of the body it covers. Under this is the Dermis, this is a layer of connective tissue which provides the skins elasticity and strength, it also contains sensory nerve endings, blood and lymph vessels, sebaceous and sweat glands. Under this layer is the Subcutaneous fat layer, this layer separates the skin from the underlying bone and muscle with a rich blood supply it also serves as an insulator and energy store. Pressure ulcers develop …show more content…
It is essential that team work is used as this would be the safest way to ensure that the individual is assessed in a prompt and correct manner and given the correct pressure relieving equipment and where necessary the correct dressings are used on the individual and to ensure that all necessary documentation is carried out.

It is important to ensure that the agreed care plan is followed to ensure that all precautions that are deemed necessary for the prevention or care of pressure ulcers are carried out, it is also important that the agreed care plan has been checked and agreed with the individual to ensure that any concerns that either the individual or the health care worker may have regarding the plan of care are addressed and where necessary any changes be made to the plan of care, and to ensure that valid consent has been obtained from the individual concerned..

The pressure risk assessment tools which is used in the area I work is a Risk Assessment Booklet, which contains a comprehensive check list on the
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