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Reducing Pressure Injuries in Critically Ill Patients

The article that I chose to expound on is, in its fullness, called, ‘Reducing Pressure Injuries in Critically Ill Patients by Using a Patient Skin Integrity Care Bundle (InSPiRE)”. The purpose of this research article was to test if critically ill patients using their InSPiRE protocol fared better than those who receive traditional treatment options. By implement this process they were able to minimize the development of new occurrences of pressure injury in patients who are in the hospital for longer periods of time.. According to the article, a pressure injury is, “localized injury to the skin and/or underlying tissue usually over a bony prominence, as a result of pressure, or
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•Focused on eliminating injuries related to pressure and friction, in reference to mucosal pressure injuries. When the patient is admitted they are assigned a specific kind of surface to lay on. The different surface that they used were non-powered pressure-redistribution support surface, a dynamic powered alternating pressure support surface, or some other support surface that fit the patient's needs. Throughout the patient's stay it is reevaluated on whether or not they need to change surfaces. A common spot for mucosal pressure injuries is around a nasogastric tube or a endotracheal tube, they are reassessed every 12 hours.

•Apply heel protectors.

•The last step is to avoid contact with plastic surfaces and maintaining a balanced nutrition.

Moving onto the InSPiRE protocol, it seems that the InSPiRE protocol has the bones of the standard protocol but is much more in depth and thorough. So here is the breakdown of the InSPiRE protocol.

•The first part of InSPiRE protocol is to assume all patients are at risk for pressure related injuries. Within 4 hours of admission the patient must have a full skin assessment.

•The full skin assessment is completed every 12 hours throughout the patient's stay and more charting options/descriptions which are as follows, i.e. skin color, moisture, texture, edema, and turgor. If there are any
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