Pressure Essay

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Pressure As a child, I've suffered through many tough decisions. I've been pressured by my peers to do the wrong thing. I've also been pressured by my peers to do positive things. Drs. George Jenkins, Sam Davis and Rameck Hunt, who are the authors of The Pact (with Lisa Frazier Page), have also been pressured by their peers to do both positive and negative things. Growing up through middle school and high school is tough because kids are always trying to get other kids to do the wrong thing. Most of the kids actually do some of the stupid things so they can fit in. I remember when I was in middle school I did almost anything to get my friends approval. Even if it meant I had to do something that was going to get me into trouble. I…show more content…
We were excused to leave the cafeteria and left with unanswered questions. Are we going to get a detention? Is that psycho going to kill me? I went up to his room before activity period. My friends followed me up the stairs acting as if they could feel no pain from anything this teacher could throw at us. As soon as we walked in there, he gave us the silent treatment. He delivered the scariest lecture that I had ever received in my life. His lecture was about him being upset with us since we didn't respect the ten minute period that we had to be quiet for. Then, out of the middle of no where, he asked us a question. Brian answered it and the teacher got right in his face yelling, "Was I talking to you tough guy." Brian tried to keep his cool, but he broke down and started to cry. He continued to punish us with his words of despair. When he finished his lecture, he sent us back down stairs to our home-room. We did not get into any serious trouble, which was good, because I didn't need a detention for talking. After watching and experiencing that situation, I never wanted to be a badass again. Being a badass was not worth getting into so much trouble for such stupid things. I know that situation is not much, but hey what do you expect from an introvert. In my high school years, I began to meet new people who were a positive
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