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Pressure Ulcer Prevention Evidence Based Practice Tasha Braggs Chamberlain College of Nursing NR351 Transitions to professional nursing Summer 2011 Professional paper . Evidence-based practice (EBP) provides nurses with a method to use critically appraised and scientifically proven evidence for delivering quality health care to a specific population. The fundamentals of EBP are in research. Nursing research provides nurses with qualitative research findings to establish nursing practice based on scientific evidence. Researching and utilizing research findings and implementing them in nursing practice provides optimal patient outcomes. The practice of EBP includes multiple steps such as, formulating a well-built question, identifying…show more content…
Nurses and interdisciplinary staff also assist with incontinence episodes. Incontinence is described by Cooper and Gray as an involuntary loss of control of the bladder but may also include the bowels or can be a combination of the two. (C. Gibbon, 2009) Nursing uses many different types of sprays, barrier creams and emollients to assist with prevention of incontinence dermatitis. EBP shows that” A small evaluation of an emollient cleansing foam (Clinisan) showed that this product is effective in cleansing incontinent skin. It has pH 6.0–6.5 and contains 88.5%–94% water. With regular use it can also contribute to the prevention and control of MRSA.” (J. Geraghty, 2011) The most common method used at many facilities is soap and water. Incontinence dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin that occurs when urine and feces come into contact with the perineal or perigenital skin, resulting in skin damage and its associated risks. These risk factors can lead to skin breakdown or ulcers. Recent comparative research has shown that skin-cleansing products, emollients, foams and creams perform equally well and that the choice between cleansers is often based solely on cost comparison and staff preference. (J. Geraghty, 2011) Many different types of mattresses are utilized to reduce pressure as well. A Cochrane review of physical aids for wound prevention indicates that using mattresses with certain characteristics (e.g.

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