Pressure Ulcer Prevention For Long Team Care ( Ltc )

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Name: Gloria Agbadiba
School: Lamar University
Course: NURS 4550
Instructor: Jan Akright


Pressure ulcer develops as a result of the skin that is over bony prominence. The pressure impairs blood flow leading to tissue necrosis and ulceration. Pressure ulcer can develop in several areas of bony prominence of the body such as the sacrum, greater trochanter, ankles, shoulders, head and ischia. It can develop quickly and difficult to treat, it ranges from mild to skin redness to severe tissue damage, development of infection and damage to muscle. Older people are most at risk due to thin and fragile skin,
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Kindred Healthcare, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides healthcare services through its subsidiaries operates hospitals, nursing centers, home health, hospice and non-medical home care locations and a contract rehabilitation services across the United States. Kindred Healthcare 's approximately 103,000 committed employees that provide high quality patient care and have an outstanding customer service trusted and respected healthcare providers in every community we serve. To achieve this goal, we are driven by our commitment to our mission and our values.
Kindred hospital philosophy focuses on quality and customer service. There are several divisions in Kindred; the Nursing Center Division consists of about 90 nursing and rehabilitation centers and assisted living facilities. These nursing centers provide medical services to treat the residents who live within an area and the patients who come to the facilities for short-term and rehabilitative care. Kindred hospital has variety of medical services at different levels of intensity including intensive care unit, transitional hospital care, short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing, home health, hospice care, post-acute and sub-acute care. Kindred offer strong relationships with acute-care hospitals;

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