Pressure Ulcer Prevention Is A Major Task Of Direct Care Personnel

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Abstract Pressure ulcer prevention is a major task of direct care personnel in hospitals around the world. Even with evidenced-based polices currently in place at many facilities, patients still continue to develop pressure ulcers. Patients with pressure ulcers require the care of a multi-disciplinary team, ranging from nursing assistants to nutritionists to wound care physicians. Pressure ulcers are expensive to treat, can lead to infections and other illnesses, and sometimes cost patients their lives. A literature search was conducted of five articles related to pressure ulcer prevention in order to find a solution to implement on a medical-surgical unit at a local hospital. The proposed change was selected using Lewin 's Change Theory. The proposed solution was to train nursing assistants in assisting registered nurses (RNs) with monitoring patients ' skin and providing care to prevent the development of pressure ulcers. The pros and cons of this solution, required resources, costs of implementation, education required, and evaluation of the change were all discussed. Keywords: Pressure ulcer, pressure ulcer prevention, skin, multi-disciplinary team, evidence-based Identifying the Problem A problem-focused trigger was identified using the Iowa Model for Evidenced-Based Nursing Practiced. This problem-focused trigger was a safety/quality improvement concern. The problem was observed during a clinical experience at a local hospital on a medical-surgical floor.
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