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Evidence Based Practice & Pressure Ulcers Matthew Slawter Chamberlain College of Nursing NR451 RN Capstone Course November 2014 Evidence Based Practice & Pressure Ulcers Evidence based practice (EBP) gives nurses a method to use critical appraised data and scientific evidence that is proven to confirm the delivery of quality health care to a patient population. Pressure ulcer prevention continues to be a major and growing concern among todays patients and healthcare providers. This problem is a concern because prevention of pressure ulcers can be accomplished through good skincare techniques and increased education of nurses. The field of nursing along with the healthcare industry can benefit from simply decreased the…show more content…
Thus, the expected outcome is that there is prevention of skin breakdown relating to pressure ulcers during hospitalizations for patients. Step 2: Scope of practice question Pressure ulcers are a problem and can lead to poor patient outcomes as well as hospital fines. Evidence based studies have shown that “the average cost of care in an acute care hospital for a patient with a stage III or stage IV pressure ulcer reported by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is $43,180” (Jackson, 2008). Pressure ulcers and other skin breakdowns are among the most significant adverse events causing distress for patients and their care givers and compromising patients’ recovery from illness or injury (Gardiner, 2008). It is the tasks of nurses to ensure prevention of these complications is part of the daily care regimen. Steps 3, 4, and 5: Team An interdisciplinary team of professional staff is a necessity to overcome the issue of pressure ulcer development among patients. Relevant stakeholders would include a nurse, nurse aide, dietitian, and a hospitalist. The primary responsibilities of the nurse consist of completing and documenting skin and risk assessments, monitor progress and/or changes in medical/skin conditions, report patient problems to the hospitalist, and work with the wound team

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