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Pressure Ulcers Donna Long Grand Canyon University NRS 433V Introduction to Nursing Research February 11, 2012 Shahin E. S. M., Dassen T., & Halfens R. J. G. (2009). Incidence, prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in intensive care patients: A longitudinal study. International Journal of Nursing Studies 46: 413–421 Introduction Pressure ulcers refer to damage that occurs to the skin of a patient. Pressure, shear and friction are among the known causes (Shahin, Dassen & Halfens, 2009). Pressure ulcers mostly affect the lower part of the body, the elderly and patients with spinal injuries (Shahin et al, 2009). They are expensive to treat, require long periods of time and numerous treatments to heal. As a…show more content…
A total of 224 patients were approached for the study but only 121 patients consented (Shahin et al, 2009). Some patients refused to participate in the study, while others agreed to participate but failed to sign the consent form. All the patients admitted to the intensive care unit during the month of April to October 2006 were eligible to participate in the study and a questionnaire was used as the tool to collect data. The privacy of the patient was maintained at all times while the nurses collected the data. Patients provided information of their own will. Patients were tested on admission and on discharge. The researchers conducting the study held a high level of confidence in each of the hospitals involved. The incomplete information was discarded and was not used in the analysis. Finally, the collected data was analyzed using the Statistical Package of social Science (SPSS) to give the following data. Results of study The number of patients who complied with the study was 121. 56.2% are males and 43.8% are female (Shahin et al, 2009). Out of the 121 patients, 23 were admitted in a coma. The average length of stay for the 121 patients was one week. Sixteen patients were found to have pressure ulcers on admission. The final results showed a decrease in the number of pressure ulcers. Six people obtained pressure ulcers during their stay in the intensive

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