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Foundations of Professional Nursing
Assignment 1: Written Essay 1500-2000 words
Topic: “Pressure ulcers are debilitating for the client and yet they are largely preventable”.

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This paper will discuss how pressure ulcers are essentially a serious problem within healthcare settings and how prevention is accountable in the development in pressure ulcers. The paper explores various ways to prevent pressure ulcers, reducing the risk factors, the responsibility of the duty of care of patients and the use of risk assessment tools. In order to prevent pressure ulcers, remove the risk. Evidence for this paper was gathered from seven peer reviewed journal articles from the
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Tissue tolerance from extrinsic and intrinsic factors are also claimed to be main factors in pressure ulcer development (Australian Wound Management Association 2001). Extrinsic factors such as moisture produced from excessive perspiration, not drying properly after showering, and urinary or faecal incontinence can increase moisture and make the skin more prone to friction (Beldon 2010). Friction and shearing from poor patient manual handling techniques can result in further pressure ulcer development issues (Benbow 2009b). Crowe and Brockbank (2009) point out that intrinsic factors such as nutrition, skin temperature, illness, oxygen delivery, skin conditions and medications all can have significant effects on the development process of pressure ulcers, and identifying people with these risk factors can be made easier with the use of a risk assessment tool.

A risk assessment tool is a tool that is used to identify someone at risk of developing a pressure ulcer; it then gathers information and suggests problem areas to help prompt the assessor to the correct care or interventions in the prevention of pressure ulcers (Sayar et al. 2008). Studies have shown that with the use of a risk assessment tool the occurrence of pressure ulcer development has dropped by sixty percent (Ayello & Brandon 2002). Crisp and Taylor (2009, p.1338) explain the three main assessment tools used by nurses are the Norton Scale,

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