Pressure Ulcers Prevention ( Pup ) Is A National Initiative For All Hospitals Essay

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Pressure Ulcer Prevention
Pressure Ulcers Prevention (PUP) is a national initiative for all hospitals. Medicare estimates an average of $146 million being spent annually for hospital acquired conditions which include pressure ulcers (Kandilov, Coomer, & Dalton, 2014). Hospital acquired pressure ulcers are among the top five adverse events reported today (Gillespie, Chaboyer, Kent, Whitty, & Thalib, 2014). Medicare will stop paying for hospital acquired conditions therefore prevention is the key (Kandilov, Coomer, & Dalton, 2014). Best practice guidelines advocate routine repositioning of patients however the studies were not based on RCT’s and were conducted well over 20 years ago, and before the improvement of mattress that are used in hospitals and long-term care facilities (Gillespie, Chaboyer, Kent, Whitty, & Thalib, 2014). The purpose of this assignment is to critique a problem (repositioning patients to prevent pressure ulcers) related to the nursing profession that will allow the reader to identify, appraise, and synthesize studies in order to draw a conclusion from the data collected. The systematic research review (SRR) “Repositioning for pressure ulcer prevention in adults” by Gillespie, Chaboyer, Kent, Whitty, & Thalib, (2014) will be critiqued in this paper by describing the relevance of preventing pressure ulcers; the rigor of the studies used; critiquing the levels of evidence of the studies; describe the clarity with which the studies are
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