Pressure to Get Good Grades

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Living in a society like the one we are living today, can be very challenging for students. As the world gets more competitive, students are pressured more and more to achieve success. The pressure that students receive by parents, school, and society to succeed, has caused students to take some drastic actions. Many students are pressured by their parents to excel in school. Although many parents think that pressuring their kids to get good grades may be helpful, in reality, it can become overbearing. In the case of many students they are already balancing out school, work and extracurricular activities. Pressure on the part of the parents may only stress them out more than what they already are. Many students want to make their…show more content…
Students try to live up to the examples of the schools top athletes or the smartest students in school but what they don't realize is that all they have to do is try their best, as long as they set and reach their goals for the future they can become successful.
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