Pretending Orgasm

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In the article “Men’s and Women’s Reports of Pretending Orgasm” I found what they were studying to be very interesting. The study was conducted to understand why people pretended orgasms and when they pretended. The researchers wanted to find the sexual scripts of males and of females as well. Participants were men and women who were college students, in a psychology class, mostly heterosexuals and only a couple of the participants were bisexual or lesbian. They tested their questions by giving the participants a questionnaire that had five parts to it. The questionnaire was submitted anonymously and they could leave it blank if they did not want to answer the questions that were being asked. The questions were also made so that even if…show more content…
With the study, the researchers found that most people who had faked an orgasm before did so to end the sex. Another reason was to make it so their partner did not feel bad about their skills if they could tell they were not going to be able to have an orgasm. Some of the reasons they wanted sex to end or could not have an orgasm was because they were tired or they were not in the mood but wanted to make their partner happy when they did want to have sex. Also another reason that was mentioned especially for males is that they already had had an orgasm that day or multiple that day whether it was from having intercourse or just by masturbating. There were many questions mentioned for further research and studies on the topic of faking orgasms. One suggestion that was mentioned was “How frequently do men and women pretend?” (Muehlenhard, 566). The question mentioned would be an interesting thing to see what the outcome of this question would be. It would be a great addition to the study because it goes along well with the other questions that were asked and it is important to the study to not only know how many people fake orgasms but also how often they fake them as
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