Pretends To Be Like Me Explanation

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When first meeting someone, they can be the happiest, funniest person on earth. However, one will never know what their friend feels inside until the two of them become closer and more willing to open up and trust each other. On the surface, the sonnet appears to be about the life and journey of a bee, however, the sonnet has a deeper meaning. The purpose of this essay is to provide an explanation of the writing process of the sonnet. Additionally, it is intended to provide understanding about how others may smile constantly, but inside they are struggling with an issue, whether it be the lack of motivation or depression. One should always do what they can to help someone else because they never know what someone could be going through, and…show more content…
The reflection of himself in the dew drops he is looking at causes him to become lost in his thoughts and reflect on his painful past. As the sonnet continues, the bee’s inner struggles are revealed in greater detail, evoking feelings of woe and melancholy. He, “pretends to be like you” (7) on the outside, beguiling whoever he comes across into thinking he is alright. Suddenly, he decides that he can no longer deal with his life and decides to throw, “himself like a blast / into the water where he slowly dies” (7-8). The explanation for the simile is that the simile describes the bee throwing himself, which infers that he is brought down by many events in life. He wishes to escape the struggles he is facing and wishes to forget the hardships he has gone through. Since the water symbolizes the school year, the bee launching himself into the water is a metaphor for the bee submerging himself in his work to the point where he no longer can survive.
All of the bee’s struggles and sorrows cease to exist because the bee no longer is alive. Throughout the sonnet, the bee is personified, but it is especially shown when the narrator states, ”His sorrows finally have come to end” (10). Bees do not have sorrows. Personifying the insect has a bigger impact because one is able to understand the bee as if it were human. After witnessing the bee’s death, the onlooker in the sonnet begins to cry because, “though I just met him, he seemed
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