Pretentious Petit Four Bakery Case Study

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I. FACTS Upon employment at Scottsdale's "Pretentious Petit Four Bakery", Guy signed a covenant not to compete which specifies that, upon Guy's termination at Pretentious, he will not accept a position - in the capacity as a baker- within an eighty mile radius of Scottsdale, AZ., to be enforceable for a duration of five years. Presently, after two years of employment at Pretentious, Guy wishes to leave and form a corporation. Serving as an officer of the corporation, Guy would like to open a bakery in Maryvale which would be owned by the corporation. Guy will be working in the bakery as a staff member. Guy now has concerns about the non-compete covenant he signed for his employment at Pretentious and would like to know if his plans will violate

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