Pretty In Pink Character Analysis

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1. Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful are two films both written by John Hughes and directed by Howard Deutch. They depict themes similar to that of The Breakfast Club. Central themes such as class and popularity along with secondary themes of angst, love, self-discovery, fitting in, and the need to connect with others are prevalent throughout both of these films. Pretty in Pink is a prime example for the depiction of class and popularity. Its strong main characters, Andie and Blane, contrast in both of these categories and they develop into deeper story lines as the movie progresses. Class is a strong theme throughout the entire film and is presented in unforgettable scenes. Everyone is nervous walking into their first big high school house party, but the look on Andies face as her and Blane walk through the door is unforgettable. Clearly someone of a different social status, Andie, a true fashion icon, dresses how she desires but sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the upper-class teens. No one can forget the iconic line, “Nice pearls. This isn’t a dinner party, honey”, uttered at Andie in this scene. The clear and evident vulnerability of Andie shows just how uncomfortable she is in this setting along with the guiltiness of Blane for having brought her there. Class divides their two worlds and creates conflict throughout the film. A secondary theme that is very popular and might be controversial in the ending is love. Notable with John Hughes films are
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