Pretzel Nuggest Day Narrative

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I knew that something was wrong the moment I bit down into the pretzel nugget. As the crunchy exterior gave way to the savory filling within, my mouth was flooded an unfamiliar taste. Heart sinking, I recognized exactly what it was, though I had never eaten it before. Perfectly coinciding with the scent of my parents’ daily breakfast, my palate identified peanut butter. Panic set in as I rushed around seeking a trash can to expel the anaphylactic time bomb sitting in my mouth. Soon, there were calls for my name as couples lined up to take prom photos that were destined to be posted instantaneously. Our 22 passenger party bus had not even left for the Center City venue yet, and my immune system was just beginning its attack. What a spectacular…show more content…
I value my time to myself, and generally keep to within my close-knit circle of friends. Going to prom when the majority of my friends was not also coming as date-fillers was not exactly my idea of the perfect night out. All the quiet planning ahead my introverted mind had done to prepare for such a big social event had just flown out the window thanks to a single pretzel. Luckily, I had my best friend also in attendance. He, too, was a sophomore date-filler for our marching band’s drum major, who I was also my good friends with. They would both keep me company as I struggled to not succumb to my nausea. Meanwhile, the date I had filled for had abandoned me at the entrance to the venue to celebrate with her…show more content…
In many ways, the chaos became much like a symbol of the turbulence of life - never predictable and certainly not always favorable. This idea is further strengthened by the parallels I can draw between who I am as a person and that night.
The peanut butter pretzel was just one example of the many ways that my food allergies have become a part of my identity. Not a day goes by where I am not reminded of what I cannot partake in, but I prefer to let the limitation imposed upon me fuel positive growth. They have fueled my involvement in groups such as the Food Allergy Research and Education organization.
The best friend and his "date" who kept me company all through the night are just a few examples of the deep friendships I have forged through my involvement in music. He has, quite literally, stood by my side as a fellow trumpet player through first-concert jitters to state championship
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