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There are many supernatural powers that individuals in this world wish they could have. For instance, the power to read minds, being invisible for the day, immortality which are all unobtainable. But what if with the help of a drug called Prevagen, a person who suffers from memory loss could sharpen their memory and have a faster response time during casual conversation. With the help of Prevagen, many people who suffer from mild memory loss as a result of aging can help restore memory. Extensive research has been done on this ground breaking new drug such as the Madison Memory Study which tested the active ingredient Apoaequorin (10mg), to see if this improved the quantitively measures in cognitive memory in community dwelling older adults.…show more content…
The experiment was a randomized double-blinded placebo-controlled trial of Apoaequorin in older community dwellers. The experiment first had to choose the members that were healthy for the experiment. AD8 is a test that was performed by trained professionals that had an eight problem questionnaire. The AD8 was a screening tool used to help differentiate between the participants with normal cognitive aging versus those individuals who conveyed signs of Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or any debilitating disorder of the cognitive learning. Those participants who could advance to the next level of the experiment and should normal cognitive aging scored under two and the individuals who displayed signs of a cognitive learning disorder did not advance to the next stage of the experiment because Prevagen is designed healthy non demented individuals with no neurological deficits. There were two pills in which the participants were divided into controlled which was the placebo pill and experimental which was the Prevagen pill. The placebo consisted of white powered flour and the Prevagen pill was 10 mg of Apoaequorin with a small amount of white powered flower. Participants received several tasks for the course of this experiment to ensure Prevagen was the leading memory drug and…show more content…
The first study was the international shopping list (ISL). The purpose of this test was to see if verbal learning had an effect on memory retention of a list of words. This test stressed that verbal learning was not solely dependent on remembering the words but on performing the task after being verbally told how to perform the task. For instance, if a participant was told to go into the grocery store and retrieve eggs, flour, sugar, milk, and corn the participant should remember this list of words and physically go into the store and retrieve the objects without being reminded of the items on the list. This test differs from the international shopping recall list (ISRL) because this test was performed twenty-five minutes after the list was initially called to see if participant could recall the list. The GMR and GML test were performed on the participants to see if they could performed tasks that required more energy and a longer thought process. This area of coordinates with mental skills in the frontal aspect of the brain that help with time management, planning, attention span, focus, remembering details, and
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