Prevailing ingeniuity in Edgar Allan Poess The Purloined Letter

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Prevailing Ingenuity in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Purloined Letter.”      In crafting the detective mystery, Edgar Allan Poe is the only author credited with inventing a new genre of literature. His contribution of this brand of story telling greatly influences writers to this day. “The Purloined Letter” is the final tale in the trilogy of the clever and cunning amateur detective, C. Auguste Dupin. In this story, The Prefect of the Parisian police calls upon Dupin to aid in an investigation that has baffled and frustrated the police. Dupin finds a worthy adversary in the antagonst, Minister D_. Dupin must identify with the mind of the criminal in order to retrieve a stolen letter and return it to its rightful…show more content…
     A month later, Prefect G_. returns to Dupin’s apartment to report that the letter has yet to be found. The Prefect offers a reward of fifty thousand francs to anyone who can find it. Upon hearing of the reward, Dupin hands Prefect G_. a checkbook and tells him to fill out the check and he will turn over the letter. After taking possession of the found document, G_. rushes from the apartment, and Dupin informs the narrator how he managed to obtain the purloined letter.      Unknown to the narrator or the Prefect, Dupin, wearing colored spectacles, visits the Minister under false pretenses. During his visit his eyes search the apartment and he notices a damaged and soiled letter placed openly on a rack, and determines it to be the document in question. He purposefully forgets his gold snuffbox as he leaves the Ministers apartment. The next morning, when Dupin returns to retrieve his forgotten property, a planned disturbance outside of Minister D_.’s apartment allows Dupin to replace the original document with a fraudulent reproduction he had prepared the night before. This done, he exits the apartment, leaving Minister D. stripped of the power of blackmail over the Lady. He also leaves in the false document a message for Minister D_. to let him know who had made a fool of him.

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