Prevalence Of Diabetes Among The Americans

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Prevalence of Diabetes in Kuwait
Today, Diabetes happens to be the most challenging medical disorder existing in the world, with an alarming rise in the number of individuals contracting and dealing with the same. Among the 10 countries worldwide, having the highest prevalence rate of Diabetes, Kuwait backs the ninth position. Kuwait has an alarming 23.3% of prevalence of Diabetes and that is estimated to rise in the next 10 years.1, 2
There are many contributing factors for the increasing prevalence of Diabetes among the natives of Kuwait like drastic epidemiological and cultural changes, sedentary life-style, unhealthy eating habits, ageing, over-weight and urbanization.2, 3 Studies reveal that the occurrence of Type-II Diabetes mellitus is also increasing among the younger individuals, mostly covering the ones below 30 years of age.4 It was also found that 73.4% of the people with Diabetes are below 60 years of age , i.e. in their productive years, especially in Arab regions including Kuwait, which may adversely affect the capabilities of individuals and the quality of life in the long-run.36 Also, the onset of Diabetes is characterized to be gradual, with around 30% of the patients presenting with complications at the time of diagnosis5 and an asymptomatic time period of 10 years in which the disease remains undetected.6, 7 Hence, Diabetes poses a huge burden over the economy as a consequence of loss of productivity and cost of health treatments.36
The increasing
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