Prevalence Of High Blood Pressure Essay

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1. My preliminary thoughts about the data that I have found for this indicator
Prevalence of high blood pressure has increased over time According to the data collected, diagnosed high blood pressure increased from 2010 to 2014. This rise in diagnosed hypertension can be attributed to varying combinations of genetic, environmental, and sociological factors (Blais, 2014). Specifically, dramatic increases in the prevalence of obesity and aging population demographics can account for a significant amount of reported high blood pressure. In Canada, severe obesity has increased 4-fold over the past 3 decades (Padwal, 2016). Particularly in industrialized populations, weight gain has been shown to yield several risk factors of hypertension, such as metabolic abnormalities and excess adipose tissue (Padwal, 2016). In addition to obesity, vascular stiffness is a primary physiological driver of hypertension in the elderly (Blais, 2014). Within the past five years, the aging population in Canada has steadily increased and is expected to grow exponentially within the next few decades (Padwal, 2016). Further potential triggers associated with the increase in hypertension include: chronic stress, sedentary behavior, elevated sodium intake, and alcohol consumption, among others (Blais, 2014).

Trend towards seeking high blood pressure diagnosis The rise in high blood pressure diagnosis could also be attributed to a general growth of hypertension awareness in the Canadian…

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