Prevalence Of Mental Health Illnesses Essay

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Prevalence of Mental Health Illnesses in Inmates In this country, individuals with a mental health illness make up half of all correctional facility intakes, which is rivaled with eleven percent of the overall populace, however, only 1 in 9 incarcerated individuals are given any care for their mental illness (Anasseril, 2007). When the much-needed care is absent in prisons and jails, inmates with mental health disorders experience excruciating signs and their disorder can decline and be plagued with misconceptions and delusions, unbearable worries, dangerous and uncontainable temperament (Ambrasky,2003). There are varying estimates on precisely how many individuals within the confines of prisons and jails that are mentally ill. According to a report by Abramsky, (2003) there is a projected 16% of state, federal, and local jails that consist of inmates with mental health issues. Althouse had comparable estimates in 2010, conveying study outcomes that suggested roughly 16% of the incarcerated individuals were quantified as having a mental disorder and more than 100,000 were being given psychotropic medication. Deslich, Thistlewaite, and Coutasse, (2013) estimated around 14-15% of inmates had a form of mental health disorder. These percentages are significant when compared to the 5% of the outside population that endure a mental disorder (Abramsky, 2003, pg. 17). According to reports from some states, there is a substantial rise in the percentage of incarcerated

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