Prevalence Of Overweight And Obesity

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The prevalence of overweight and obesity in children is increasing worldwide at an alarming rate in both developing and developed countries.1 Obesity is associated with a heterogeneity of metabolic abnormalities, e.g., dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, and hypertension that may provide a plausible biologic link between obesity and the increased risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Metabolic syndrome
(MS) has been defined as a cluster of risk factors for atherosclerosis that include insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, abdominal obesity and often hypertension. The clustering of these risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) is referred to as (MS).2,3 Patients with MS are at increased risk of cardiovascular
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Patients and methods
A total of 60 obese children and adolescents aged 8–18 years;
38 boys and 22 girls were enrolled from attendants of pediatric genetic and endocrinology unit and pediatric outpatient clinic of Menoufia University Hospitals, Egypt. Some female adolescents especially from rural areas refuse to share in our study that is why we have higher male: female ratio in our sample of patients 1.7:1. We included in our study both children and adolescents to have a relatively larger sample of patients. Written consent had been taken from every child included in the study or their participant parents. While collecting data, those who had secondary or known genetic causes of obesity were excluded. Children and adolescents were assessed carefully in terms of family history, blood pressure, and skin findings as acanthosis nigricans.
Anthropometric assessments
All anthropometric measurements were taken with stress on body height and weight that were measured in light clothes using a portable stadiometer. Body mass index (BMI) was calculated as weight divided by the square of the height (kg/m2).
Obesity was defined
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