Prevalence Of Type 2 Diabetes

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Prevalence of type 2 diabetes is on the rise globally, currently affecting about 366 million individual worldwide (3). One fifth of the world’s population is the South Asian community, which shockingly has the highest prevalence of type 2 diabetes, globally. (1,4). “Type 2 diabetes is group of metabolic disease characterized by hyperglycemia resulting from defects in insulin secretion, insulin action or both” (Hunter, 1999, pg.#). Type 2 diabetes is also known as Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus, which is a non-communicable disease (*). This disease is often asymptomatic, showing no signs of symptoms in its victims in the early stages and could result in being undiagnosed for numerous years (Deepa, 2007 (5)). The number of south…show more content…
Type 2 diabetes are linked to a number of causes and number of high risk factors. Shift in environment, also known as migration, is very high in south Asian community (*). In fact, 2011 United Kingdom census reported the second largest ethnicity to be south Asians living in the United Kingdom (2). Most of the South Asian diaspora originally lived in rural village setting. This transition from living in villages to adaption of living in cities is a serious and major culture shock. Living in an unfamiliar environment such as a new country is difficult especially with a low socioeconomic status. With low income and social status, South Asians are vulnerable to poor nutrition and decrease physical activity (*). In type 2 diabetes low physical activity levels will leave you with high risk to the disease (3). South Asians have extremely low physical activity levels compared to Europeans, 50%-70% lower activity levels (3)(8). Physical activity is important to take into consideration for type 2 diabetes patience because it helps decrease obesity, as well as, insulin sensitivity (8). However, South Asian culture does not have physical activity imbedded in to its daily life; which leaves them vulnerable to type 2 diabetes and at risk for many other diseases. Along with low physical activity, south Asian diet is high in trans fat, carbohydrates and saturated fats (3). “13 to 59g/d of fat was consumed in india.” that is viewed as a high amount of fat consumption (10).
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