Prevalence Of Type II Diabetes Mellitus

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Prevalence of Type II Diabetes Mellitus in the Adult of JAZAN by Demographic characteristics, BMI and Settlement type.
Dr.T.Hemalatha, Dr. Rashida, Ms.Wajiha, Dr.Fahad


Nowadays Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is becoming a major health problem in all over the world. If a person having prolonged group of disease with high level of blood glucose then it is Diabetes Mellitus. It will cause severe other health issues like cardiovascular diseases, disease related to vision, Kidney, blood vessels and nerves. There are three types of diabetes. They are Diabetes Mellitus Type –I(T1DM) , Diabetes Mellitus Type –II(T2DM) and Gestational Diabetes. The people who is diagnosed by diabetes in Saudi Arabia mostly has Diabetes Mellitus Type –II (T2DM). Saudi Arabia ranks 7th position in all over the world to have the highest number of people with diabetes in the year 2000 and 2030. International Diabetes Federations says that there were 3.4 million cases of diabetes in Saudi Arabia in 2015. A Research says that the prevalence of Diabetes mellitus in Jazan Region 12.3%. Data mining is the process of selecting, exploring and modelling large amount of data to discover unknown patterns or relationship useful to Data analyst. An epidemiological, cross-sectional study is to be conducted across the rural and urban area of Jazan region of Saudi Arabia to find the prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus Type -II. The main objective of this research is to evaluate the prevalence of previously
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