Prevalence of Dementia in Australia

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Wrong method to give APA intext citation. However, it is on page 469 of Edition 11. Remove. Introduction Failure to remember events, forgetting to attend to tasks if interrupted, poor hygiene habits, language problems, erratic and unpredictable judgment, disturbed emotions and depression along with occasional hallucinations and delusions are all signs that a person may be suffering from a common cognitive disorder called Dementia. In this case study, Antonio Renaldi shows most of the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, a type of dementia. It takes many years for dementia to develop before it is diagnosed, and for the cognitive abilities of the diseased person to deteriorate to a level where they are unable to continue their normal social and professional activities. According to a recent study (Prince et al., 2013), it is estimated that about 35. 6 million people suffered from dementia worldwide in 2010 and these numbers will double every twenty years. Australia is among a list of countries which are boldly facing this disease, which afflicts the intellect of its countrymen. In 2011, 298,000 Australians suffered from dementia, 62% of which were women (AIHW, 2012) Prevalence of Dementia in Australia With dementia, due to a significant delay between onset of disease and actual diagnosis, it is difficult to estimate the prevalence in populations, as the total number of people having the condition at a given time is not known. The most recent data on the prevalence of
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