Prevalence of Eating Disordes in Adolescents

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In recent years, there have been growing concerns regarding the prevalence of eating disorders in adolescents. With noticeable occurrence of eating disorders in the younger age groups, many are concern if preventive measures are adequate or accurately target the main cause of eating disorders. As such, assessing which is the main cause of eating disorder development in adolescence is the purpose of this paper. The three common causes found in literature to relate to the development of eating disorders in adolescents include Media, Peer and Family All three factors are shown to initiate body dissatisfaction in teens and set unrealistic expectations of a socially constructed ideal physique thus, increasing the significance of abnormal eating habits in teenagers. By weighing the three causes in terms of the level of relative pressure faced by adolescents using literature reviews, an enmeshed family is found to be the primary cause. Another interesting finding is that media contrary to what most people thought to be the main cause has inverse relations to the idea of creating body dissatisfaction as adolescents with prevailing body indisposition may turn to media sources for dieting ways and not vice-versa. Hence, a direct cause in adolescents developing eating disorders by media is unclear and prompts further research on this area. Keywords: Adolescence, Eating disorder, Enmeshed families

Eating disorders have increasingly been considered as a major health hazard

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