Prevalence of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa Essay

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In 2009 an estimated 33.2 million human beings were unfortunate enough to be infected with AIDS or HIV. A hefty 22.4 million of those individuals live in where the story of humanity began, Sub-Saharan Africa. The good-fortuned United States on the other end of the spectrum ,is home to 1.2 million infected. The statistics for the amount of infected in the U.S. is almost negligible in comparison to those of Africa’s ,because of the obvious difference in amount of infected ,but also in the amount of power the disease has in the confines of each spatial variation. In the growing quest for equality amongst all humanity it is a necessity to understand why Africans are bearing the statistical load and why the number of infected grow in amongst …show more content…
Many members of the community don’t consider there high risk behavior to be a problem and increase the probability of contraction. Many people falsely believe HIV doesn’t pose as a threat because of treatment developments. There is a stigma associated with HIV is that only people that live promiscuous lives or are habitual drug users carry it. For that reason many people are afraid to be tested for the illness, they don’t want to bear the shame that HIV brings or think it is easier live never confronting it. Taboos are the cause of a ignoring HIV in every culture ,especially in Africa. In Africa ,“Society's fittest, not its frailest, are the ones who die—adults spirited away, leaving the old and the children behind. You cannot define risk groups: everyone who is sexually active is at risk. Babies too, [are] unwittingly infected by mothers. Barely a single family remains untouched. Most do not know how or when they caught the virus, many never know they have it, many who do know don't tell anyone as they lie dying.” The death of Nelson Mandela’s son is a strong reminder that no one in Africa can consider themselves safe from HIV. Yet as Africans gather around the coffin of there friends and colleagues, HIV is only whispered when it’s time to speculate on there death. Tuberculosis is put down for cause of death because it is more comforting then knowing they had AIDS. HIV/AIDS is sexually
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