Prevalence of Sorcery Among the Songhay of the Republic of Niger in Africa

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Much of their work and discovery reveals a great deal about the traditional African model of health.
Some of the key components of the Pan African model of health revolve around the way that they explain illness. While it's true that disease is universal, the manner in which traditional African culture explains disease and where disease comes from is strikingly different from the perspectives of modern medicine and contemporary culture. "For example, traditional African medicine views the cause of disease differently from the scientific form of medicine practiced in hospitals"¦ For example, the scientific medical view defines tuberculosis (TB) as an invasion of the body by a specific strain of micro-organism. Most traditional African cultures believe that TB is a source of witchcraft or sorcery, caused by jealousy. They believe the body is invaded by a poison. Traditional treatments usually aim to cause vomiting or diarrhea to clear out the poison (Kyriacos et al., 2008). It is incredibly common for illness to be viewed as something which is directly connected to the realm of the spiritual or the supernatural. Other components of this model of health are that balanced health is a gift from God and that illness…
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