Prevent Breaches Such A Home Depot And The Similar Target Breach Essay

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There are many ways to help prevent breaches such as the Home Depot and the similar Target breach. Most retailers these days have multiple locations possibly in two or more countries like The Home Depot. Because of this the retailers need to know exactly where the business of the organization is being conducted. These organizations need to take the extra steps and know where the customer data is at all times especially payment information. They need to keep track of how it is being accessed and how it is being secured. Tom Bain, who is a senior vice president at a company called Security CounterTack, says “Retailers need to get a better grasp on who is being granted access to their networks and why” (Vijayan). Home Depot failed to do this on a daily basis and this is why the breach was so extensive. People do not know the reason as to why the company did not check these daily logs for payment information but this is the reason that they had such a big breach on their payment systems. Another way that is effective to help prevent breaches would be to recognize the data at rest. Both large and small retailers store information in several locations due to customer convenience. Some of this information that is stored by these companies that is stored on portable devices is generally forgotten about or at “rest”. When this information is forgotten about or at rest there is a high risk for it to be hacked and it is a top candidate for hackers. Due to this resting information and

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