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There are many ways someone can prevent a stroke and it is all about recognizing certain health issues and being as healthy as possible. Diet and exercise are one of the main ways a person can prevent a stroke, especially if they are overweight. Eating fatty foods can increase the amount of fat deposits in the body which can eventually lead to clotting. Being overweight tends to result in high blood pressure or diabetes which are both main causes of a stroke. Controlling your blood pressure, the type and amount of food you consume, and exercising can be very preventative from having a stroke. It is also important to know your risks. If you know people in your family have high blood pressure, have had blood clots, or any heart problems, it is…show more content…
These co-morbidities include, hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and taking certain medications. (Ostwald, Sharon K., et al., 2006). These stroke-related co-morbidities are important to recognize and understand before a stroke occurs. People must learn of and accept conditions they have and be aware of the complications, such as a stroke, that can occur. These co-morbidities are also some of the main causes of strokes. When someone experiences a stroke and survives, it is often difficult to recover, and many complications and risk factors can occur as a result. A study done by a group of registered nurses discussed the difference medical complications stroke survivors can experience. They stated:
Stroke survivors commonly experience medical complications during their rehabilitation stay. Depression, urinary tract infection, and limb pain have been reported as three of the most common complications experienced among stroke survivors (Doshi et al., 2003, McLean, 2004). The use of medical tubes (tracheostromies, enteral feeding tubes, and indwelling urinary catheters), and associated complications, are also on the increase in rehabilitation units (Roth and Lovell, 2003). (Ostwald, Sharon K., et al.,
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