Preventing A Comeback : Why Or Not?

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Preventing a Comeback The debate about whether or not to vaccinate this nation’s children is something that affects a wide range of people. The controversy about whether or not to vaccinate continues to grow as the right to vaccinate is argued due to religious and personal beliefs. However, there should not be a debate as choosing not to vaccinate gives the opportunity for preventable diseases to wreak havoc on society. Vaccinates stop the unnecessary spread of preventable diseases and should be made mandatory and be made more accessible to keep these ruthless diseases at bay. As early from when the time a child is born vaccinations become a factor in life. From when a child is born until a child starts kindergarten it is recommended…show more content…
When looking at the children that are not vaccinated due to the lack of resources needed, several factors can be seen that lead to inadequate immunization (Hutchins 862). These factors include being from a low socioeconomic status, having parents who have a low level of education, and parents who are not well educated about vaccines (Hutchins 862). Although some of these risk factors cannot be easily changed one risk factor can be. Educating parents more about the importance of vaccinations could decrease the number of children that go unvaccinated due to lack of resources. Educating the parents can help ensure that they understand the importance of vaccinations and the risk of not vaccinating. Making vaccinations more accessible to families with poor insurance coverage could also help reduce this number as some children simply do not get the vaccines they need due to a lack of insurance. Despite the fact that many children go unvaccinated due to lack of resources, many more children go unvaccinated due to parents’ choice. Anti-vaccinators give many reasons as to why they choose not to vaccinate their children. Some of these reasons include religious reasons, and distrust in the science behind the vaccines. Others simply argue that while they believe in some vaccines that they disregard others as unimportant. It is also argued that because certain diseases are no longer seen that there is no need to vaccinate for these
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