Preventing And Managing Diabetes, A Global Health Challenge

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Conclusion and Recommendation: Preventing and Managing Diabetes, A Global Health Challenge Diabetes continues to be a major global health issue and prevention is the best approach towards reducing its attendant complications. There are lots of concerted efforts globally to address this chronic disease and this has led to an increased awareness and better management of the disease. No effort, no matter how small is misplaced and every effort targeted at diabetes prevention and control is well targeted, since there is an increased risk of diabetes, the older one gets (American Diabetes Association [ADA] (2015). Prevention and proper management are imperative, because, lots of complications arise from diabetes, some of which are; increased risk of heart disease, kidney failure, lower limb amputations, and adult-onset blindness and other comorbidities like; cognitive impairment, incontinence, fracture risk and cancer risk and prognosis (Healthy People 2020, 2015). In addition to these complications, Phillips (2014) reported that diabetes-related distress and chronic sorrow are one of the resulting effects of diabetes, although often under-recognized in practice. This is an indication that the primary prevention of diabetes, through a healthy diet and exercise is of utmost importance. This is what this project was slated to achieve for the seniors in the City of Inglewood Senior Center, in addition to increasing their awareness of the disease and its risk factors. Results and
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