Preventing Child Abuse And Maltreatment

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In the world we are living today, we are all connected and supporting each other. When a problem occurs within a family, it does not just stay inside the family but the whole community. Community is form by a group of individual who shared similar interest and values. People inside the community have the responsibilities to cooperate, respect and participate (Nanzer). It is important to accomplish the common interest of the group because it will affect all the individuals who live within that community. Therefore, by cooperating each other, the community has a huge impact in preventing child abuse and maltreatment. In a child’s ecological system, the microsystem is important because it has direct contact with the child. The microsystem can include school, church, family, friends etc. The role of the community sets as a form of “surveillance” and “safe house” for children when they face any maltreatment. Individuals in the community should know and have a clear understanding on child abuse is and what to do when they suspicious or known there is a child abuse happening. According to Canadian Child Welfare Research Portal, “there are around 235,315 child investigations about child abuse and neglect in 2003, where almost 50% of them were confirmed” ("Frequently Asked Questions”). The community needs to understand how important to protect the children and are willing to put effort to stop the abuse. Also, letting individuals need to understand how serious and long-term effect
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