Preventing Divorce And Its Effects On Society

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Preventing Divorce In society today, there are many issues we face without any direction. Divorce is a leading problem that impacts families and communities around the world. In the United States, a divorce occurs every 30 seconds, and this is expected to increase over time. What if there was a way to prevent these rates, or even stop them from happening? What we know, is that divorce is very problematic; however, brushing up on its history, focusing on the present state, and learning how it has affected society can help many prevent it. Background/History When filing for divorce, there needs to be a marriage to consider. To enlighten these two terms; Credo Reference (2013), the widely used database who published their article of Marriage and Divorce in 2013, claims that marriage is a “social bond or legal contract between persons that establishes kinship, usually sanctified by religious authorities or the state” (Credo Reference, 2013, Page 1). Marriage represents a value in modern day and serves as a purpose of not only love but a commitment. Dating back into what marriage was intended to be, Credo Reference (2013) shares “Anthropologists contend that marriage originated in human society to serve two basic ends. One was to ensure that males would know who their progeny were; the second was to prevent socially corrosive competition among males over the most desirable women.” (Credo, Reference, 2013, Page 1). This view on marriage however, evolved. It eventually became

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