Preventing Drug Use Among Young Teens Essay

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Drug usage in the United States and the world can be considered as one big problem. This following document includes many sources that include information about helping prevent drug use among society. Using drugs can cause many problems to one such as mental, social, and law problems as well. Most drug use starts at a fairly young age, and is also influenced by friends or even family. Although there are many ways out there to help people stay off drugs or even get off of them, not all of them seem to work. Rehabs, drug prevention programs, Public service announcements, and ad campaigns are many things out in our society that are there to help prevent drug use. So what is the best way help prevent drug usage/abuse? How will we
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“Preventing Drug Use among Young Adolescents” was a journal published in the Education Digest that talked about the particular findings in a study that focused on a prevention program called Project ALERT (Adolescent Learning Experiences in Resistance Training). This study mainly focused on how this program helped reduce or prevent the use of alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana among young adolescents. This study was tested on seventh and eighth graders in 30 schools from California and Oregon, the results were as follows: “Findings provide strong empirical support for social influence drug prevention programs in schools with highly diverse student populations in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Project ALERT curbed use of cigarettes and marijuana, had significant effects for both low- and high-risk students, and reduced experimental and more regular use.”

This study showed to have had a significant effect on children that were used in this study. Both of these studies were conducted by professional people and are credible sources as well. These two studies were both proven to be effective in a way, so if these studies show that prevention programs really do work then what makes you think that many others will not? Aside from the argument of prevention programs working or not, drug usage is beginning at a very young age these days. “Integrating Underage Drinking and Drug Use Prevention” was an article that was published in the Education

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