Preventing Drunk Driving

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The biggest solution to me that would prevent drunk drivers from taking the wheel is ignition interlock devices. They assist in preventing a driver from operating the vehicle if their BAC is over 0.15% to 0.20% depending on the jurisdiction. (Driving laws) Tricking the ID on the devices can be very difficult and unlikely, but if one is feeling bold and tries it there will be major consequences if the person is caught. I aim to have these automatically stored in all the new models of cars that are being produced while also getting them installed to people cars now. The price to install these now are one hundred dollars to install and ranges from fifty to a hundred dollars a month for leasing. (Driving laws) I am positive that if we get more…show more content…
If the BAC is within the pre-determined limit, the fuel cell triggers a relay to close and the car will start. (Driving laws) These haven’t caught on nationally, but would be an added layer of prevention if made mandatory. My idea to make sure these breathalyzers get installed is to make “check points”, at all the gas stations, car shops, DMVs, and any other spots that cars are eventually going to have to make a stop at. I plan to add a strike system for the ones who have not caught along to getting the breathalyzers. Strike one with have to set a meeting with a financial person to see if the problem is the person not having the right amount of funds. For the people that make fewer than thirty thousand dollars, a year will have a chance to apply to the program to get financial help. The money will come from the systems and foundations already in place to prevent drunk driving. Strike two will be a warning if you still have not gotten the device installed giving the individual a certain amount of days to get it installed before the next check up. Strike three will have to deal with the driver and their license getting suspended for not following the rules after financial help and an extra deadline to get the device
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