Preventing Dwi 's On Texas

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Preventing Dwi 's in Texas. Drinking and driving is a serious public safety with over two million crashes involving alcohol each year and a cost estimated by the National Highway Public Traffic Safety Administration to be $114 billion (Bertelli, Richardson,545) Impaired driving has become a major issue in Texas because of the misuse or abuse of alcohol. For Example, in 2012, there were 7,649 driving while intoxicated arrests in Bexar County. Then an additional 2,938 arrests in July and October of 2013. Drunk driving in Texas is problematic for the fact that Texas is the second largest State; as a result, it can cause vehicular deaths and impede traffic flow. Texas being the second largest state because of it 's county and population. The Texas Department of Transportation wrote,"about every twenty minutes someone is hurt or killed in a crash involving alcohol." Texas has become number one with the highest drinking while intoxicated issue. , a website devoted to informing Individuals on news,weather and entertainment recently showed a study that in 2011, Texas had 1,213 facilities involving impaired driving while other states including California and Florida were below 800. Texas having the most drinking while intoxicated issue is due to the fact that the more people there are the more roads that exists,the more driving incidents there will be. Texans tendency to drink and drive is because the punishment for drinking and driving is one of the lenience.

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