Preventing Elderly Falls

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Goal: Post about preventing falls for seniors Total words in document: Title: How to Avoid The Slip, Trip, and Fall Slips and falls are the leading cause of unintentional deaths for seniors. They can also cause serious injury, which can mean time away from the home to rehabilitate. This is often distressing for both seniors and family members. It is important to fall proof the home as much as possible. - Install grab bars These are especially essential in the shower where slips are most likely to happen due to wet conditions. It is a good idea to have them around the toilet as well, since this up and down movement is often difficult for seniors. - Adjust height Consider changing the height of things like toilet seats and chairs to make them easier to get on and off. Make sure that…show more content…
Having a solid shoe can help immensely with stability and mobility. Stocking feet can also cause slips because they are inherently more slippery than a good rubber soled shoe. - Make flooring non-slip Polished wood and tile floors are a slip hazard. Make sure that flooring has enough resistance to prevent slipping. Carpeting is ideal, but non-slip mats are also a good choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Just be careful of transitions that might be a trip hazard. - Remove trip hazards Trip hazards are many in the average home. Be careful of transitions between rooms and types of flooring. Make sure that floors are level and that transitions between carpet and tile or wood are covered with a transition piece that is well attached and at the correct angle to prevent tripping. Consider installing ramps over stairs, or adding a chair lift to avoid falling on stairs. - Avoid loose clothing Loose clothing, especially if it drags on the ground, can be a fall hazard. Getting wrapped up in a garment, or tripping over a hem, are recipes for trips and falls. Make sure that clothing is well fitted and does not
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