Preventing Errors, Training And Track And Reduce Risks

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prevent errors, training to improve safety and track and reduce risks to patient were low with a score of 14.55/40 and 80/129. The preventive measures to reduce infection for handwashing was 30/30 and steps to prevent ventilator problem was 11.67/20. Communication in order to prevent medication errors was 35/35. The hospital has a Never Events policy, in the event of errors or adverse event the hospital takes responsibility to apologize to patient, report to external agency, perform a root cause analysis and wave all. Management and planning tools are used in an organization to create, develop a quality culture; evaluate, organize priorities and decision making by using balanced scorecard, affinity diagram and other tools. Some of the limitation would arise from random variation, wrong data or not enough data, methods of reporting and measuring medical errors and adverse events. For example, most of the reporting is from a voluntary reporting system and “they are not the most reliable and underreporting is a significant problem” (Joshi, Ransom, Nash, & Ransom, 2014, p.279). Each site has used different tools to compare, help the organization achieve the desired goals and provide transparency between consumers and providers. In order to make any improvement, it is important to make an assessment of current performance to find out the strength and weakness of current process. Demonstrate and verify whether the improvement had made any difference and control of performance
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