Preventing Homelessness In America

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A problem that can’t be fixed, homelessness is a persistent headache there, are ways elevate our society of some of the scrapes that arise with it. Obviously for an able body person there no excuse that they should be homeless, though there is a fair share of people who can’t help themselves that are out of the streets. Homeless goes beyond the individual it puts a weight on the society around them. Majority of this homeless cerise is out on our hands, but we can still take a stand. In the U.S., more than 3.5 million people experience homelessness each year. To be dropped out on the street takes a cascade horrible luck. A person of capable and mind should fend for themselves, having someone else do that for them would create laziness as…show more content…
Every caused is unlike but if we make three simple united groups that will help. We should set aside jobs like we did to the prisoners that they can clean the sides of road work at fire camps letting them working their way back up, or if they are incapable of working right then could send them to mental hope facilities and rehabilitate them so they could help hopefully rejoin the workforce someday. The second group could organize fundraisers together with donations channeling that to getting these people the pills they need if they say are schizophrenic multiple personality disorder or some other. We could get psychology together with humanities students and have them do it for extra credit or something that they would want to put on there (paper u put into collages to get let in) and throws that just want to help. If we make it harder for them get ahead alcohol and other drugs, it not going to stop the problem but it will help. Just like most jobs, we could ask if they have a house, if no then not sell alcohol or any other drug to them. It could make a vast difference.
On any given night, there are over 600,000 homeless people in the U.S. If we get people to help themselves it will benefit everyone. People incapable of taking care of themselves, we will help. Shows that simply don’t feel like doing anything they can stay out on the streets as long as they
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