Preventing Migrant Death

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Preventing Migrant Death Raquel V. Lopez Eng 147 January 25, 2015 Dr. Barbara Rowland Preventing migrant death The death and suffering of migrants crossing the U.S-Mexico border are not a mistake and must no longer be ignored. As the security along the border has increased, the journey for migrants has become harder than ever, and few are prepared for the danger that awaits them. Our country’s southern border has become the most dangerous place in the world, in the harshest environment on the planet-the Sonoran Desert. Despite measures to secure the border, migrant death continues to rise. To some, migrants are just a statistic, but they are real people searching for a better life for themselves and their…show more content…
"Greater efforts are needed to combat smuggling and violence," agrees Walser, McNeil, and Zuckerman (2011). Migration authorities need to take appropriate action to ensure migration control and safety of migrants. Put an end to impunity and hold each person accountable for those who harm or commit violent crimes against migrants. Mexican and United States governments have made public statements about the violence and death, yet nothing has been done to address the situation, and the senseless killings and inhumane abuses of migrants continues at the hands of the “real “criminals. Conclusion There must be practical, fair, and compassionate alternatives that our government has not tried. Our country’s lawmakers are responsible for creating the problems along our southern border, and it’s their responsibility to repair it. Humanitarian support, creating sound policies and cracking down on "real" criminals is a start, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. As our government continues to debate issues, it is certain that migrants will continue to die attempting to enter the U.S. Most of what we see on television is the aftermath of what actually goes on. The death of migrants rarely makes the evening news. If you have never made any personal connection or put yourself in their shoes for a moment, the issues are easy to ignore. Our country should put more focus on efforts to prevent migrant death. Hopefully, one day our government will act in accordance with the
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