Preventing Obesity In America

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The issue of obesity has been ongoing in the American society for over a decade and there is much that can be done to fix it. As the great businessman Richard Attias said, “Obesity is a problem that nearly every nation in the world is facing, but there is much that we can do to fix it” (Attais). With very little progress being made to stop or slow it down in the present time, the focus should be shifted towards the future. America’s younger generation should be taught about health, nutrition and preventing major weight gain. Adding lessons and classes to the American public school system that pertain to these subjects would greatly benefit our society in the future. Educating students about nutrition and physical activities will make them more aware about their health and staying healthy. This will cause students to be more proactive by eating healthier and exercising frequently. As a result, there will be a decrease in obesity in our society as the younger generation grows up.…show more content…
Because this is beginning to breach into the youngest generation of this country, there needs to be something done to ensure American children are aware about the potential consequences of obesity and how to prevent it. In order to expand childhood knowledge about preventing obesity, children need to be educated about nutrition and physical health. In an article detailing ways obesity can be solved, Richard Attais said,
A report presented by Nike and other organizations showed that as children reach adolescence, their preferences — for physical action or inactivity — begin to take shape, and by early adulthood have hardened. When kids are young, before the age of ten, there is a critical window of opportunity when their habits and motivations can be influenced”
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