Preventing Ptsd During Military Personnel

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Preventing PTSD in military personnel Goals: I aim to research if it is possible to prevent or make it harder to obtain PTSD in military personnel through the creation of a new drug, or use of an existing one. Currently, the problem with using medications is that it merely blocks the amount of distress and sadness that is brought on by PTSD. I intend to use some form of medication that could be taken daily by soldiers that would prevent the acquisition of PTSD when a trauma occurs, instead of blocking the distress from PTSD like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) do. The medications I choose for my research is SSRIs and cortisol blockers for they are the two medications that I believe have the best chance to prevent PTSD in military personnel. Background: From September 2001 to January 2015, 2.7 million American troops were deployed overseas to fight in America’s wars (Hautzinger et al, 2015). These men and women of many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds have been exposed to a plethora of war traumas that can lead to mental health problems. Most people will recover with time; However, others can go on to develop chronic PTSD, which can have long lasting mental impacts on our soldiers. According to a general health questionnaire, an estimated 21-29% of those soldiers experience PTSD (Sloat, 2014), this is significant because only 7% of the general population gets PTSD sometime in their life (Nebraska, 2007). This is significant because the discrepancy
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