Preventing School Shootings

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The idea of social construction is based on the thought that people fall into certain social categories because they themselves are part of a society that has shaped them into being a certain way (Herda-Rapp 2003). When it comes to school shootings, a large majority of the time, there is a particular profile that these individuals tend to fall into (USSS 2002). This however can be revamped and redefined if certain concepts of social construction were to be implemented in order to either mitigate or to all together prevent a potential school violence incident. Violence is a social construct that has been glorified around the world and made accessible through the media (Killingbeck 2001). Violence is portrayed as being something that is part of the everyday world; it is made out to be an acceptable form of behaving and handling situations. This notion has greatly contributed to the propagation of school shootings and the death of innocent children and adults. By reducing the glorification that violence carries and the exploitation of the aftermath, school shootings can be reduced greatly. The media, television, video games, and the Internet are constantly portraying a world full that thinks that violence is the way to resolve issues (Killingbeck 2001). Gun violence is also portrayed as being a resolution to just about everything, when in fact it has been guns that have been the cause of all school shootings to begin with (Muschert 2007). The media glorifies school
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