Preventing School Violence

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The number of students, faculty, and administrators that have witnessed or experienced some form of school violence is growing at an alarming rate. School violence has been increasing rapidly but there are ways to prevent it. School violence is defined as anything that jeopardizes a school's educational mission. This includes bullying, fights, assault, harassment, and even shootings. Over the years, there has been an increase in cases. But, there are ways to slow the increase of school violence. School violence is posing harm to schools across the United States. Prevention starts with recognition of violence. School violence appears in many different forms. The more common types include bullying, fights, assault, sexual harassment, or vandalism. Some of the less-common types include shootings or bringing firearms inside the school. ”It is absolutely right that for some people the concept of school violence is vague. People believe that school violence is nothing more or less than school shooting, but this is not so. The actual meaning of school violence is quite broad” ( By taking the right steps, school violence can be prevented. School Violence is on the rise. Over the past few years, hearing stories of shootings or cases of bullying on the news every week has become normal. Cases like the Columbine school shooting and the Sandy Hook shooting are among the worst recorded in history. When comparing the number of cases, there have been about the same number
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