Preventing Sexual Diseases During World War I

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jured, they had to believe that the injuries healed naturally. They would not be treated at all, and the wounds would be left untreated, causing more serious illness. For example, there is a woman who had been kicked hardly by a Japanese soldier that causes her arm broke, and it healed twists out of shape. Although comfort women regularly got medical examinations for the purpose of preventing sexual diseases, they could not get any further treatments for other health issues, such as broken bones, injuries from repeated abuse, and sexual intercourse. For these reasons, Japan has caused comfort women serious difficulties along with the miserable suffering from solemn physical injuries. As for comfort women, they had psychological injuries as well, and among this issue, this is more serious than it seems. Many comfort women lived horrific experiences for over five years in comfort stations. Comfort women had seen many friends dying in front of them. They always had to live with feelings of anger, shame, and fear; whereas, Japanese were. After World War Two, they were literally abandoned, and they could not return to home. Comfort women had to survive by themselves. These heartless memories have aggravated comfort women into depression, stress, social discrimination and speech impediments. Moreover, comfort women suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is a trauma caused by a complex combination of mental problems. For instance, this psychological trauma
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