Preventing Stds And Its Effects On Children

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number one method to prevent STDs, many on the adolescents in this study “perceived sex as normal and abstinence as unlikely” (Akers, A., et al., 2012, p. 92).
Asking about someone’s sexual history or insisting on using condoms both require much confidence. This article suggests that many adolescents are not unknowledgeable about the risks of STDs and ways to avoid them. Many adolescent feel that partners may not be cooperate with prevention strategies. Also, many adolescents do not take the proper precautions to prevent STDs because of social status and preconceived notions that someone may or may not have an STD. Having multiple sexual partners was perceived as cool for males, and this made males more desirable for females. While many females felt they would not fit in if they were not being sexually active. This information alone provides a need for teaching.
Development of the Teaching Plan The main goal of patient education should be optimizing the health of the patient .Educating about preventative health care not only benefits the patient but it also helps to reduce costs of healthcare. Some patients may be apprehensive about asking questions about their diagnosis, especially in sensitive cases such as acquiring an STD. In order for teaching to be effective the patient has to be ready to learn. The person providing the teaching, usually the nurse, should evaluate what the patient is interested in learning while also ensuring to teach what the patient needs to learn.
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