Preventing Still Births and Miscarriages Essay

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Many women have a time in their life where they have a pregnancy loss whether it’s an abortion, miscarriage, or stillborn. A lot of mothers go into depression when the loss of their baby is out of their control such as miscarriages and still born. There are family members very close to me who went through this such as my mother who had a miscarriage with in the first trimester and my first cousin who had at still born in fourth trimester. This information is imperative so women can be careful when they are pregnant; also before the pregnancy occurs the information in particular about stillborn and miscarriages is important for potential mothers to know certain procedures they could do in order to prevent and prepare for this tragedy. A…show more content…
With fallopian tube problems there could be liquid in the tube which cause disruption within the traveling of the egg throughout the tube, the tube could also be too small, if this happens the egg could get stuck, begin to grow within the tube itself then burst. With the uterine/cervical problem an egg doesn't implant properly in the uterus or an embryo with structural defects that prevent it from developing. On the other hand miscarriages causes are infections, radiation, diseases, certain medication, lifestyle factors (smoking, drinking, illegal drug use), incompetent cervix, and etc. Women can help themselves and doctors to prevent miscarriages. But “the embryo or fetus has a chromosome that causes it to develop abnormally which is not usually a sign of a condition that could causes problems with future pregnancies. Usually this happens by chance when fertilized egg divides and grows. This problem causes at least half miscarriages,” Often time’s doctors cannot detect why the fetus died, sometimes it’s meant for humans to be uncertain, everything happens for a reason and everything does not have an explanation behind results. Stillbirths on the other hand are problems within the womb, and majority of the time doctors cannot detect the problem of stillborn. Since most mothers do not fully understand the main problem they often tend
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