Preventing Substance Abuse

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Preventing substance abuse involves developing numerous strategic partnerships. Substance abuse is a multidisciplinary issue, and requires a correspondingly multifaceted and multidisciplinary approach. The strategy for drug abuse prevention must begin with segmenting the market, or analyzing the needs of the community. Is the greatest proportion of abusers in the community youth? If so, what kinds of drugs are most commonly used in the community? Are seniors in the community abusing prescription medications? The strategy will be more effective when there is a better idea of the demographics of the target population. Beginning with the assumption that substance abuse will be a problem in community schools, it is important to engage educators, school administrators, school board representatives, and parents. Community organizations, including recreational facilities, and also local businesses, will also be involved in promoting strategies that prevent substance use and abuse. Regarding school board and school administration, curriculum needs to reflect the goal of substance abuse prevention. Teaching prevention in schools must be done with a concerted effort that involves parents. Moreover, changing the minds of students about drugs would require the involvement of young role models that can steer at risk youth away from drugs. At-risk youth need to be better identified early, so that their substance use issues never fester into substance abuse problems. In addition to
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