Preventing The Homeless Population From Getting Housed

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While homelessness is viewed as people that are drug addicts or bums, there are other barriers that prevent the homeless population from getting housed. Many have no resources to allow them to obtain or maintain housing, let alone their basic needs. Being homeless takes a significant toll on people’s lives overall as well as their ability to feel safe and secure.

However, the focus of this paper is to temporary assist those in needs, while residing in the streets. Their current place of home. Hygiene services should be integrated in developing future programs. More agencies should focus on providing toiletry supplies to those that cannot afford them. The disproportionate contribute of toiletries, food and survival clothing from varying sources was not enough to fulfill the goal set. However, a great number of homeless people benefit from some assistance of basic survival needs. Strategies will be implemented to continue to seek contributions to provide an intervention for those sleeping outdoors and disconnected from social service assistance. As poor nutritional status or infection predispose homeless people to health concerns, the need of survival kits can be a means of prolonging such illness.

Donations will provide an awareness of the homeless need in the community. With hopes that the items provided will provide a good sense of self worth, build relationship, trust, giving others an opportunity to have a better life. It can build better communities. With hope that…
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